Services we provide:

  • Installation, configuration & customization.
  • Initial Creation of A Company File to meet your exact requirements – Inventory Management, Job Costing, etc
  • Professional Accounting Services with our Strategic Partners – CGA, Bookkeepers, etc

Projects & Past Experience:

  • We have worked with 100+ clients who use Simply Accounting, Sage 50, QuickBooks, ACCPAC & Business Vision
  • Setup of Cloud Based QuickBooks Server
  • Initial Company File setup
  • Installation in Client – Server Environment
  • Migration of Custom Forms & Reports
  • Database Repair

Recent Case Study:

Ex. Produce Company in Toronto Ontario


  1. custom price lists required 8 hours of data entry by the owner every Monday morning due to frequent price fluctuations
  2. needed to manually discount prices for larger orders
  3. paying staff to work in the office entering orders until midnight


  1. custom reports designed in Sage 50 using Crystal Reports to turn these custom price lists into Reports that can be run by any staff member
  2. modified the Sage 50 company file to allow for price levels, set price levels with clients based on sales volumes so the pricing the larger clients automatically get a better discounted pricing level
  3. established home office setup for evening employees – remote connectivity to Sage 50, remote printing and VOIP phones to receive incoming orders

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions are no longer in the idea phase – they are now a key part of many Corporations’ Technology.

Services we provide:

  • Professional Design, Planning & Implementation of Cloud-Based Solutions.
  • Cloud Software – ex. “Cloud QuickBooks”
  • Virtual Desktop – files, local printing, software, etc.
  • Private Cloud Services – secure storage and sharing of your corporate data for internal use.
  • Co–Location of your Server to our Facility.
  • Hosting of Cloud Services for your Corporation – email, software, calendar, files & more.


Projects & Past Experience:

  • Design & Implementation of a completely virtual Cloud Server including Virtual Desktop, Accounting software, local printing, Outlook email, etc.
  • Setup of Cloud Based QuickBooks Server
  • Cloud Email Server – Outlook from Anywhere & Live Synchronization with Smartphones.


Recent Case Study:

Ex. Oil Industry in Calgary Alberta


  1. Staff members work out of a few different offices, from remote job sites and home.
  2. Remote staff members work from locations with no Internet Connection and need to maintain access to resources even when offline.
  3. Staff members need different types of access to sensitive information & software.
  4. Staff members need to be able to print from Cloud Software to their local printer.


  1. Co-Location of Small Business Server to provide secure access to files from a variety of Client Platforms – Smartphones, Web Browsers, Microsoft Outlook ( from Anywhere ) and Virtual Desktop.
  2. Microsoft Outlook Anywhere allows for a Cached Mode which allows access to cached information and the ability to work offline. When an Internet Connection is established “Offline Emails” are sent.
  3. User Security defines which users can access which types of Information from Microsoft Outlook, & through “Virtual Desktop” Environment.
  4. End users’ printers are incorporated into the Virtual Desktop so that they can print from “Cloud Software” such as QuickBooks to their chosen printer.

Data Backup

Data Backup is the most important aspect of Technology Management, without a recent backup you put your Corporation at risk.

Offsite Backup Solutions

  • Your Critical Corprate Data Encrypted & Stored Offsite
  • Total Data Redundancy for your Corporation.
  • Remote File Restoration



Onsite Backup Solutions

  • Critical & Sensitive Corporate Data Remains On Your Premises
  • Redundancy Via Take-Home Backup Drive Rotation
  • Customized Solutions to Meet All of Your Needs

Data Recovery

Data Recovery is required when critical information is not accessible and you do not have a sufficient Data Backup.

Data Recovery

  • Your Critical Corprate or Personal Data Restored
  • Get back that what matters most to you even if you deleted it.
  • Done at a cost that everyone can be happy with.


Windows can’t see my drive?

  • We can get your data back even if your Windows can’t see the data.
  • We can make a copy of the data so you can always have it.
  • Customized to Meet All of Your Needs

E-mail Solutions

Email Solutions often mean upgrading to an Enterprise Email Server,  whether On-Premises or in the Cloud the results are the same – Synchronization to SmartPhones, Simplified Administration & Secured Data.

Email Solutions

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Hosted Exchange Server or Mailbox ( Pay Per Mailbox ) 
  • Upgrade to Exchange Server 2010, etc



Custom Email Solutions

  • Extra Redundancy Email Solutions
  • Encrypted & Secure Email

Network Design

Network Design is key when establishing or extending a Corporation’s Technical Network – if done correctly, administration, security & scalability will be built in from the beginning.

Planned Network Architecture

  • Customized To Meet Your Specific Needs
  • Remote Offices & Connectivity
  • Line of Business Software

Key Considerations

  • Internet Connection Speed
  • Network Devices
  • Security Level

Network Security

Network Security must be managed & maintained on an ongoing basis by a Professional in order to maintain services, prevent downtime and protect your Corporation’s Image.

Spam Solutions

SPAM Solutions can include a full-time array of Network Appliances constantly scanning for SPAM, basic setting changes on our Microsoft Outlook Junk Mail folder & everything in between.


1. Prior to Reaching Your Web Mailboxes – Online SPAM & Security Filtering Service

2. On The Server – Configure The Server To Block & Prevent Mail Being Distributed to Your Server Mailbox

3. On The Workstation – Local, Last Line of Defense Filtration of SPAM


We will setup & manage the entire process for you.