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Computer Geeks On Call provides Managed IT Services for Small & Medium Sized businesses.
Established in 2001, we have over 8000 clients. We provide onsite & remote service in the Greater Toronto Area & Barrie, Ontario. Computer Geeks On Call manages & streamlines your company’s IT infrastructure ( computers, networks, server, cloud services, etc ). Our Services: Monthly Service Agreement, Patch Management, Automation & Scripting, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Cybersecurity Assessment.
We specialize in protecting your digital assettes while keeping your systems secure, compliant & accessible. Our proactive “”Monthly Service Agreement”” ensures your tech runs smoothly, while providing quick & efficient technical support should technical issues arise.

Core values

  1. Customer interests above all else
  2. World class technical skills
  3. Constant improvement
  4. Transparency in how we work
  5. Strive to be understood & communicate clearly
Gabe Belanger

Gabe Belanger

Director of Business Development

Back in 1984 I was in grade 8 & my mom bought a computer ( VIC 20 ). Only 3 kids in my school had one!!! Man I was lucky. The best thing was that I did not spend all my money at the arcade anymore. You had to enter commands ( aka ‘code’ ) to get things to happen. So I quickly learned to program so I could get my games to work. When I got a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive I felt like the king because I could now add more games. I designed a car racing game but after a few corners on the race track the VIC 20 ran out of memory and I had to stop. I worked around this & made a simple boxing game ( stick people made out of boxes and lines – but you could throw & block punches ).

So I have had an early passion in computers and programming.

When I got to university I decided I liked Physics best out of all my high school classes so I took it as my major. I really got excited about learning Einstein’s theories, Quantum Mechanics, Kaos theory & Fractal Dimensional Analysis. At this time I also studied Digital Design ( how logic gates and circuitry actually work ).

My first real IT Job was at Microsoft Canada in May 1998. I was hired with 10 other temporary employees to help handle Windows 98 support calls. As time passed I added products along the way – DOS, Windows 3.1, & 95. I was hired full time, the only one out of the 10 original temps!!! I felt really lucky, enjoyed what I did and liked hanging around with people who liked computers ( they were not in style back then ).

As the months and years passed I began to get training on the operating systems as they came out – Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP.
We also supported server products as well such as Small Business Server 4.5, 2000 & 2003. This suite of products did so much I was really impressed – email, internal web site, file storage, etc. This is where I really found my passion – setting up and managing corporate IT infrastructures.
I wrote a few KB articles while at Microsoft ( see below ).

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